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Week 14: April 1-7 (1 Chronicles)

Week 15: April 8-14 (2 Chronicles)

Week 16: April 15-21 (Ezra) and (Nehemiah)

Week 17: April 22-28 (Esther)

Week 18: April 29-May 5 (Job)

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2018 Reading


What is This?


The Bible is the single-most important book in all of history. It is responsible for the rise and fall of nations and has shaped the lives of billions. More importantly, it is the book of God given to we fallen men that we may know him. There are other books that claim to be religious or inspiring, but all these other books are the books of poets, dreamers, and counterfeiters. The Bible is the word of God. Without it, we would not know our wretched state apart from Christ. Without it, we would not know the glory of God's redemptive plan. Without it we would not understand sin or righteousness and without it, we would never be able to know the glory of Christ. It is there to equip us for every good work in this world and to turn our hearts toward the best and most beautiful thing in the world to come: Christ Jesus himself. The Bible teaches of redemption and what it means to be a redeemed believer. Why would we not study this word more deeply and more importantly than any other thing we might study?


Reading the Bible through in a year is a discipline practiced by many but many more have fallen short as they have tried to do so. There are many good and useful reading plans available, so you need not use one if you have one that works well for you. Yet, if you would like, this is meant as a reading plan to help you through your year's Bible reading. On average, it works out to about 4 chapters a day (give or take), 6 days a week. Sundays are scheduled as an "off" day to help you catch up if you fell behind or to give you the time to read more closely a passage from God's word that was found during the week or perhaps in the sermon.


Short overviews are provided for each reading section, which not only highlights some points, but also highlights some of the historical events that are taking place in the broader world. Crossword puzzles are also included to encourage reading (or re-reading) to discover answers. Previous Years' sheets/puzzles can be downloaded as a single document below.


2014 Bible in a Year (following the Hebrew order of the Old Testament)

2015 Harmony of the Gospels with Old Testament Allusions

2016 Bible in Chronoligical Order

2017 Bible by Literary Genre

2018 The Bible Straight Through, a Book a Week (more or less)