A Brief Summary of Principles that Undergird our Understanding of Baptism at St. John's (Burry's) Church

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1. Baptism replaces Old Testament circumcision as the sign of covenant membership as well as our identification with the priesthood of believers.

2. When joined with saving faith, baptism also becomes a seal of one's union with Christ in his death and resurrection and that we will join in a resurrection like his.

3. Baptism should be administered only once in the life of a person, either as a child or as a believing adult.

4. Baptism with water is properly administered by the sprinkling or pouring of water, not by immersion.

5. If a person who comes to faith has never been baptized, he should be baptized before he enters church membership.

6. Infants of active members of the church should be baptized without undue delay.

7. Baptism belongs to the church and thus, no private baptisms will ordinarily be done.

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