2020 Bible Challenge Worksheets & Puzzles

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What is This?


The Bible is the single-most important book in history. It is God's self-revelation to a fallen man. Within it, we learn of the glorious and praiseworthy character of God, the wretchedness of our fallen existence, and of the redemption that God worked for his people through his Son, Jesus Christ. In doing so, it tells a story that begins at creation and continues through and into a new creation, one that is free from the effects of the Fall. This book is responsible for the rise and fall of nations and has changed the life of billions.


It is the single most-printed book in the history of mankind and there are more books written about the Bible than of any single event in history. In America, the vast majority of households have at least one, if not many. At the same time, it is often one of the more confused books because it is often had, occasionally read through, and seldom read deeply. Our aim is to rectify that at least in so far as our little communion of believers here at Burry's Church. We think that the Bible should be read by every Christian every day -- and read closely and carefully.


To that end, it has been our practice to issue a "Bible Challenge" -- a reading plan that will take you through sections or all of the Bible every year. This year, we will be reading through the Old Testament as it is ordered in Hebrew Bibles and then the New Testament in the ordinary ordering. Why use the order of the Hebrew Old Testament? There are several reasons to do so but the most important reason is that this was the order of the Bible that Jesus had and from which he taught.


May God bless you in your studies.


Note: due to the amount of time that is involved in putting together these worksheets/puzzles, Pastor Win hasn't always had time to finish them each year. You will notice, then that these worksheets were ones we used in 2014. It is hoped that this will give Pastor Win a chance to finish worksheets for one or two of the years he did not complete.