Funeral Fee Schedule






































* This covers usage of the Sanctuary for the service and for the final viewing (typically 60-90 minutes prior to the service itself)


** For non-members desiring a fellowship meal after the funeral and committal, a caterer should be used who will prepare the dishes off-site. The stove in the church kitchen may be able to warm items, but no preparation or cooking should be done at the church. The church secretary can provide the contact information for a recommended caterer that is familiar with our guidelines. See Fellowship Hall Usage Guidelines for further details on the hall use.



no charge




$3.00 donation per person expected



Use of Fellowship Hall

no charge


Sound Technician






Use of Sanctuary


Video Technician




Opening of the Grave



Cemetery Plot


Fellowship Luncheon

(Provided by Ladies in the Church)

$3.00 donation per person expected

St. John’s (Burry’s) United Evangelical Protestant Church Cemetery

New Sewickley Township, Beaver Co., PA

Rules, Regulations and Procedures

Governing Body- Church Council

Revised 2012

1. The Trustees of the Church shall be responsible for the perpetual care of the

cemetery. “Perpetual Care” shall mean the general preservation of the grounds,

walks, roadways, boundaries and structures, to the end that said grounds shall remain

and be reasonably cared for as cemetery grounds forever. The Trustees shall be

responsible for hiring and supervising the necessary personnel to maintain perpetual

care. The Trustees shall also be responsible for the purchase and maintenance of

necessary equipment and machinery. Perpetual care shall be included in the purchase

of a lot not to include the opening or closing of a gravesite or the monument or

concrete base. Damage to a monument or base caused by vandalism or acts of nature

will not be part of the perpetual care.

2. There shall be two funds maintained: a Cemetery Fund and a Perpetual Care Fund.

Eighty percent (80%) of the sale of all graves and lots shall be entered into the

Cemetery Fund; Twenty percent (20%) shall be entered into Perpetual Care fund. All

dividends from monies invested shall be entered into the Cemetery Fund. The Church

Council shall elect a treasurer yearly to transact and record all cemetery monies. It is

the duty of the Church Council that all money received for Perpetual Care is legally


3. Council shall appoint three church members to serve as a Cemetery Committee. The

current Cemetery Treasurer will serve on this Committee. The Cemetery Committee

will be responsible for selling lots, grave reservations, keeping the records and

handling the financial business of the cemetery. The Council shall appoint one

member of the Cemetery Committee as the Sexton of the Cemetery. The Sexton, or

his appointee, shall attend all interments. All graves shall be opened under the

supervision of the Sexton after verifying the legal right of the deceased to be buried in

this Cemetery. The Sexton shall set or supervise the setting of all corner stones. He

shall supervise the placing of all foundations which shall be at least three (3) feet

deep of solid concrete.

4. Transfer of a lot or part thereof will be permitted only with the approval of the Church

Cemetery Committee. The transfer cannot be done for a profit above the original

purchase price. In the case of transfer the old deed must be submitted and a new

deed issued. Transfer fee will be $25.00. Members cannot purchase graves with the

intent to transfer to nonmembers.

5. Lots or part of lots that are not going to be used by owners may, with approval of the

total Cemetery Committee, be purchased back; the price will be the original purchase

price. The original deed or notarized proof of ownership must be submitted.

6. Lots shall be used for no other purpose than a place of burial for the human dead and

the erection of a monument to their memory. Monuments and inscriptions thereon

shall not be permitted if deemed improper or offensive by the Church Council.

Monument height shall be no more than 42 inches above ground level.

7. One casket, one casket and a cremation, or two cremations are permitted on an

individual grave site.

8. No spreading of ashes over the grounds will be permitted.

9. The Cemetery Committee will level and seed all new graves and will see that all

graves are kept level with the surface of the lot and must conform to the grade of the


10. If a headstone is marking a grave and a cremation is buried on top it may be marked

by a flat marker ground level in front of the headstone where flowers are usually


11. No footstones, fencings, edging, gravel, shrubbery or trees are allowed on any graves

or lots. Flowers may be placed only at a small area near the headstone, no more than

12 inches from the stone. Flowers, wreaths, and flags will be removed when, in the

opinion of the Trustees,

they become a detriment to the appearance of the grounds.

12. No electrical (solar) lighting, unsightly cans, pots or any glassware will be permitted

on graves.

13. It is strictly prohibited to use the Cemetery lawn as a driveway, parking area or a place

to strew garbage and littler.

14. All temporary markers must be replaced within one year of the death with permanent

markers or headstone.