For Adults wishing to Join as Members of St. John's Church, we will either accept you into membership either through a transfer from another like-minded congregation or on the basis of your profession of faith. All new members are encouraged to attend a New Membership Class (typically offered 2-3 times per year). These classes cover our church history, the theology to which we hold, and the structure of our church government. If you are interested in taking a class, please contact the Pastor or one of the church Elders.


Youth who are interested in becoming members typically do so through taking Confirmation class. This consists of a year's instruction in the Heidelberg Catechism and the scriptures that underly its teachings. There is memorization involved as well as questions and answers in a guided workbook on the Catechism. Youth also take New Members class at some point during this instruction. Then, after meeting with the Elders, they can be welcomed into membership as a class. Confirmation Sunday is ordinarily held in early to mid October. If you would like a copy of the workbook students use, please contact the pastor (adults are encouraged to work through this workbook as well as students).