Memorial Fund Policy

Approved November 9, 2011


The Burry’s Church Memorial Fund is an account established for monetary gifts given in

memory of members who have passed away. The Memorial Fund provides the opportunity for

members and friends to contribute lasting memorials for loved ones.

The following guidelines have been established governing the use of the Memorial Fund:


1. Family, friends, or other individuals may contribute to the Memorial Fund in memory of an

individual who has passed away. Council will maintain a listing of Memorial Fund donations.

2. The Memorial Fund shall be administered by council. Council shall be responsible for the

selection, acquisition, and maintenance or use of the memorial items. Council may decide to

use donated monies immediately, or accumulate memorial donations. Those donating to the

memorial fund may make suggestions to council on meaningful gifts that would honor the loved

one who has passed away.

3. The Memorial Fund will generally be used for items that support the mission and vision of

Burry’s Church.

4. The items purchased from the Memorial Fund will generally be used for projects over and

beyond the budget.

5. Plaques or other markings will not be placed on the items purchased from the Memorial