Missions Policy

Issue 1: The Missions Policy of St. John’s (Burry’s) United Evangelical Protestant Church is to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ by proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, making disciples and relating to the whole need of mankind – spiritual and physical.


Scriptural passages supporting our Policy statement are found in Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15, John 20:21, Luke 24:46-49, Acts 1:8, Acts 26:16-18


Issue 2 : The purpose of our Missions Policy:

1. To help us achieve a clear sense of direction.

2. To avoid making important decisions on an emotional or haphazard basis (i.e. charisma of missions speaker, “connections” of those seeking support, the mood or time a decision is made.)

3. To insure that each mission dollar is spent as God would have it spent.

4. To bring new committee members up to date, allowing them to quickly familiarize themselves with the issues to be faced in the general purposes of our Missions Policy.

5. To work in harmony with the Church Council, and any other church organization as it relates to missions.

6. To establish a clear policy and set guidelines for the congregation to understand.


Issue 3: The Missionary Committee should, at the beginning of each year, set written short-term goals which would then be evaluated at the end of that particular year.

The long range goals of this policy are:

1. That the missionary budget be at least 50% of the total budget.

2. That we support more missionaries on the field and fewer in the home offices.


Issue 4 : Responsibilities of the Missions Committee:

1. Encourage prayer support for missionaries and missions.

2. Inform the congregation about world missions.

3. Help stimulate and recruit volunteers for missions.

4. Recommend the allocation of funds for missions.

5. Administer and evaluate the missions program.

6. Update the Missions Policy.

7. Organize the Spring Bible Conference and encourage hosting a supported missionary each month, if possible, for Covenant Connections.


Issue 5 : General provisions of this policy will be adhered to, however, variations to this policy may be made through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the consensus of a 2/3 majority of the Missions Committee. The policy will be reviewed every three years beginning in 2010 and revised as necessary.


Issue 6 : The committee shall consist of six (6) members, each serving a three (3) year term. Two (2) members will be retired and two (2) added each year. Members will be appointed by Church Council at their Reorganization Meeting.


There will be youth members serving one (1) year terms. They will be selected by the Missionary Committee and approved by the Church Council and have full voting privileges.


Missions Committee recommends and Council approves persons of different ages and various backgrounds. These people shall have the following qualifications:

1. A healthy Spiritual life

2. Is committed to missions as having a primary role in the life of the church.

3. An interest in missions and/or be willing to learn of missions.

4. Willing to pray for missionaries on a regular basis.

5. Be familiar with our Missions Policy.

6. Attend the Spring Bible Conference, and missionary services conscientiously and attend scheduled Missionary Committee Meetings.


Issue 7: Monthly meetings will be held with February as the re-organizational

meeting including the election of officers and the appointing of sub-committees and youth members. Quarterly meetings will be held with re-organizational meeting in February.


Issue 8: The committee will elect a President, Vice President, Secretary and a Missions Reporter. A Council member appointed by the Council will serve as Treasurer. All positions will be voted on annually by the Missionary Committee. The President shall have a minimum of 1 year prior committee experience.


Issue 9: Duties and Responsibilities of Officers:

The President will preside over all meetings and will give a report at the annual Congregational Meeting.


The Vice-President will assume the President’s responsibilities in the President’s absence.


The Treasurer will maintain accounting books of the committee, prepare an annual report and submit the books for audit.


The Secretary will record minutes of meetings and handle all correspondence.


The Church Secretary will receive all incoming mail and serve as a clearing house for all missionary concerns as well as maintaining an address file.


Issue 10: Missionary Reporter:

The committee, through the Missionary Reporter, will condense incoming information and dispense this information through various means, such as monthly newsletters, and pulpit announcements, and Covenant Connections in an effort to educate the congregations, thereby stimulating prayer.


The intention of this educational process is to stimulate interest for missionary service.


Issue 11: Additional sub-committees may be added as needed.


Issue 12: Short Term Projects

Those who are interested in undertaking a short term missionary project (3 months to 2 years) will be reviewed and evaluated including the doctrinal statement of the organization by the Missions Committee and Church Council for the appropriateness of the person and the project.


Issue 13: Summer and Project Workers (less than 3 months)

A projects description should be brought before the Missions Committee for discussion and general information. The person in charge of the project should bring their plans to the Missions Committee for discussion, including the doctrinal statement of the organization.


Issue 14: The Doctrinal Statement

Any agency or individual must be consistent with the Doctrinal Statement of our church constitution.


The evaluation of the Doctrinal Statement is a pre-requisite before committee recommendation.


Issue 15: Missions Budget

The mission budget of our church is funded by monies given through the benevolent offering. The desired goal of the mission budget would be at least 50% of the total budget. The budget is based on the previous years budget with an increase if at all possible.


The committee will make an annual budget review in October and submit recommendations to Council who set the budget which is then to be acted on by the congregation. Our long range plans should always be considered when making recommendations.


Issue 16: Categories of Missionaries

1. Candidates from our church

2. Candidates from other churches.

A. Candidates in foreign lands.

B. Candidates in the United States.

3. National Missionaries

4. Retired Missionaries

5. Missionaries back from field to home agency.


Issue 17: Determination of Support

We will evaluate the doctrinal statement (Issue 14) of agencies and missionaries when support is requested. Missionary candidates from our congregation will receive priority, then special consideration will be given to missionaries sponsored by our minister’s affiliation. Through reports given from and contacts with the missionaries and agencies, we will seek to review their financial needs on an annual basis.


Issue 18: Priorities in the Mission Budget

We will strive to continue supporting a broad range of missionaries and organizations both foreign and domestic, rural and urban. Our goal is to have more missionaries on the field and few in the home office.


Issue 19: Relations between Church and Mission Organizations

Mission organizations are independent units with mutual interest in the missionary and in our local church. Our financial support will be paid to the sending organization, who is responsible for the welfare (financial, spiritual, and health) of the people under their care. Our mission reporter  will read through reports coming from the Missionary and mission organizations and report anything of special interest to our committee and to the congregation and encourage prayer support.


Issue 20: Procedure for selection of new candidates to support:

1. Resume including background, education, conversion, and call to Christian service.

2. Submission of doctrinal statement

3. Member of an accepted agency

4. Interview with committee members, if possible.


Issue 21: Procedure for addition of new candidates to the budget.

1. Candidate names accepted by committee will be presented to Council along with suggested level of support.

2. Upon approval by Council, committee will present a written biographical sketch of candidate in the newsletter to congregation.


Issue 22: Nature of work missionaries may be involved in:

The areas of missionary involvement will be compatible with the policy statement in Issue 1.


Issue 23: The breakdown of the Benevolent Budget will be in 7 categories:

1. Social Work/Home Missions

2. Missionary Organizations

3. Individual Missionaries

4. Literature and Radio

5. Christian Education Scholarship Fund

6. Short Term Missions Projects

7. Special Projects.


Issue 24: When Support Starts

Support starts when candidates are accepted to be put on budget.


Issue 25: When Support Ends

Support ends when a person is home for over 1 year or sending agency recommends termination. The Missions Committee may recommend termination due to moral or doctrinal issues.


Issue 26: Missionary Retirement

Evaluated individually. Missionaries will be kept on budget only if situation warrants.


Issue 27: Missionaries lacking adequate support

As situations become known we will recommend trying to help meet the need.


Issue 28: Outgoing expenses of missionaries

When a personal appeal is made for outgoing expenses, we will encourage Sunday School classes and others to undertake this as a one-time expense.


Issue 29: Support of students preparing for missionary service.

Refer to Educational Fund for church members desiring to go to mission field.


Issue 30: Allotments for summer and project missions (less than 3 months) for church members. The Mission Committee recommends 1/3 by the person and 2/3 by the Church


Issue 31: Allotments for short term missions, (3 months to 2 years) for church members.

Special consideration will be given to provide as much support as possible as needs indicate.


Issue 32: Funds Shortage

The committee shall unite the congregation in prayer informing them of the need.


Issue 33: Funds Surplus

Anticipated surplus funds in excess of $2,000.00 as of the end of the year shall be distributed by Council, which will keep a running total of funds to see where the budget stands, with recommendation from the Mission Committee


Issue 34: Honorarium for visiting missionary speakers

Special offerings shall be taken at the time of the missionary’s speaking


Issue 35: Missionary Committee Budget

The Council shall provide sufficient funds to meet operating needs. Operating needs may include such things as postage, printing, and attending mission oriented conferences. The goal of the committee shall be to disperse funds as income permits, maintaining adequate balances.


Issue 36: Christian Education Scholarship Fund

The purpose of the Christian Education Scholarship Fund is to assist Burry’s Church members pursuing a Christian Vocation. Application will be accepted twice per year, and half of the fund will be divided equally among all qualified candidates.